Sunday, April 28, 2013

Final Project

For this final project, I wanted to take a series of three photographs that would help to describe that particular individual. I decided to highlight my roommates and their unique personalities and interests. The first photograph displays only from their shoulders up. The next photo shows a bit more personality. And the final photo displays their interests and hobbies. After completing all three of my roommates shoots, Betsy said it would be cool if I could show myself with them and then the whole project would be us four roommates. I thought that was a fantastic idea and immediately scheduled the studio to complete my project. I feel really proud of how all these photographs turned out. Enjoy!

Model: Ashley Johnson

Model: Nicole Chynoweth

Model: Betsy Schecengost

Model: Lyddia Ankrom

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Light Painting

This is my roommate, Betsy. She is a creative type that loves to draw so I figured that would be perfect for this assignment. I let her do whatever she wanted. I just wanted to let her have fun and I believe it worked perfectly.

Model: Betsy Schrecengost

 I wanted to play around with light painting as well, and this is it!

Specular Highlights

My biggest obsession are my sunglasses. This is only a portion of my collection and it is ever-growing. Sunglasses are used to protect your eyes from the sun but yet they always have reflected surfaces. I wanted to capture how the light hit these glasses and the different angles it reflects off of them.


For this assignment, I had just bought the shoes that are photographed at the top. I loved the texture and pattern of the heels and they became the inspiration for this project. I didn't want to focus on just shoes because I didn't think I had enough textured ones. So, I looked at my leather and faux-leather purses because that texture is what makes me want to purchase them. This made me think more of beauty products. Finally I added my makeup powders to add a different depth to this project. All in all, I am pleased with these photos. Enjoy!