Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mt. Davis

As Far as the Sun Reaches - 4/14/12
 Thorns - 4/14/12
 Bark - 4/14/12
 Aliens - 4/14/12
 Melted - 4/14/12
Jungle - 4/14/12

 - Mt. Davis - 

Again we were let loose in nature to find beautiful photographs to capture. This has become more difficult as the semester has gone on because we now have gotten to the point of knowing exactly what we want our individual final projects to look like but the inspiration has gotten a bit lost in the journey. I personally tend to focus too much on the fact that I can’t find photos to go along with my project but then when I take a second look at the images I find the perfect ones.
            When I left Mt. Davis I didn’t think I had any photographs that went along with my Disney theme but after taking a closer look into the images that I had, I found a few could be contributed with a little bit of imagination. Imagination is the whole idea around my theme because without imagination and dreams, Walt Disney would not have created what we see today.
            Aside from my theme, I found it cool to say that I have stood on the highest mountain in Pennsylvania. Other than that attraction, I couldn’t really find anything else that was very pretty. It was pretty flat and dismal (probably because of the weather that we’ve been having). It was a nice day to just walk around and eat lunch as a group.
            All in all, these trips will be great memories for the future!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pittsburgh Zoo

 Nala - 04/10/12
 Kiara - 04/10/12
 Pride Rock - 04/10/12
Nala & Kiara - 04/10/12 
 Squirt - 04/10/12
Crush - 04/10/12

 - Pittsburgh Zoo -
            When I found out that we would be taking a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo, I got very excited because I love going to the zoo ever since my first trip to the Philadelphia Zoo in the first grade. My favorite attraction is the penguins but I knew that they would be difficult to photograph with all of the glass.
            I also knew that this trip would tie in perfectly with my project because just about every Disney movie has talking animals in them. These animals didn’t talk but they said a lot. Every time I see the lions exhibit I always thing the rock looks like Pride Rock from the Lion King. I was sad to not be able to photograph the male lions but the female lions put on quite a show for us while we waited.
            I find animals absolutely amazing and interesting. To be actually able to hold a rehabilitated baby sea turtle was unreal!
Once everyone went on their own, we decided to see if we could learn more about the stingrays that were being moved the next morning. Josie told us a story about how they were rescued from New Jersey of all places. They only reason they had survived so long in the winter was because they were located next to a power plant that releases 80-90 degree water into the ocean. The zoo had to move quickly because that channel was about to be shut down the very next day which would have made the water just under 50 degrees. This story appealed to me because my daddy works at that power plant and I can proudly say that he sort of helped save some stingrays that will make an excellent addition to the exhibits a Pittsburgh Zoo.

Urban Nature

 Flowers - 04/3/12
 Reflection - 04/3/12
 Single - 04/3/12
 Sleeping Beauty - 04/3/12
Spring Path - 04/3/12

 - Urban Nature -
            We were asked to revisit Point State Park for our second photography on our own assignment. We were to go and re-look at the places we visited on our first assignment. When we first visited Point State Park, it was winter and very cold and everything was and odd bland color. Given the second chance to revisit in the spring meant that flowers would bloom and pretty spring colors would show.
            I did not walk that full course again but I did walk to the Point and found lots of construction but beyond the construction were some pretty flowers blooming. It all reminded me of the Disney movie Enchanted because it is very much a cartoon in the natural world. Giselle walks through Central Park in the springtime and that’s what these winding roads looked like. The flowers are so bright they look like animations so it’s a back and forth relation between reality and animation.
            All in all it was a beautiful day for a walk in the park!