Monday, January 30, 2012

Point State Park

 Brick Landscape - 1/24/12
 City Parking - 1/24/12
 Walking on a Winters Day - 1/24/12
 Tiny Acorns - 1/24/12
Tangled Limbs - 1/24/12

- Point State Park -
On the morning of Tuesday the 24th I woke up and got ready for another busy day of class… I ate breakfast quickly and finished getting ready to rush off to my first class of the day where I checked my email from Chris to make sure we were meeting in class before our first adventure. I opened and found that I was completely unprepared for class without my compass (because it hadn’t come in the mail yet), camera (which was just a blonde moment on my class since it is a photography class) and my backpack (because I didn’t read the bottom of the email stating that we needed it). After all of that explanation, I would like to formally apologize for being so unprepared but I made due with my iPhone’s camera and compass.
            This experience was very rewarding because I never really followed a map given to me in directional position and paces. I found it difficult to become inspired by my surroundings because I walk through these areas over and over again without really taking notice to anything. This time I had to walk through and attempt to notice everything. It’s hard to find “nature” in an urban setting. At first I liked the idea of steel and industry but as I continued along I found the beauty in the little nature that is around. All in all, I feel this assignment was an interesting way to see the city we all live in.

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