Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Planet Earth Reaction

            I have never watched “Planet Earth” before but I have always been interested in watching it. Animals have always fascinated me ever since I went to the zoo for the first time. Going to the zoo is one of my favorite things to do. I’m not sure I would love experiencing them in the wild but I do love to look. The last time I went to Disney I went on the safari ride first and that is about as natural and up close you can get without actually being in the wild. It was amazing how these animals interact with one another. I couldn’t image being within feet of these majestic creatures.
            I think I enjoy that I got to see these bonus features before actually seeing the film in its entirety because now I have a different insight for when I actually do watch the film. It’s fascinating that these cinematographers are willing to risk just about everything to get the perfect shot of these animals. The biggest thing to stick out to me was when these guys caught the rare event of a pride of lions attacking and killing an elephant to feed their pride. Just the fact that they were sitting there in pitch-black night only listening to these ferocious animals growling and pouncing around them and watching all this happen by looking through and inferred camera. That would be terrifying but they were just there to catch the rare footage knowing very well that at any moment an elephant or lion could start running in there direction.
            These guys have a true passion for what they are doing and the truly understand what the meaning of roughing it in the wild. This really relates to our class because obviously we all chose to be in this class to catch that one image that will make it all worth it. They are just like us but on a higher scale. Its crazy how much we all could learn from these cinematographers. They have the same techniques as us. The one guy sat there through mind numbing boredom to get the one perfect shot of the birds mating dance. That’s what makes photography worth it. If you are patient enough, the perfect image will come to you. Sometimes you have to go look for it but if you are patient it will come.

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