Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Concluding Magic

How does she know? 
Just Around the Riverbend 
 Practically Perfect
Malificent's Trap 
 Fairy God Mother
 War is Over
 Part of Your World
Grandmother Willow 
 White Witch's Crown

 - Final Fantasy -

            Nature photography is a new thing to me. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when entering this class. During the first field trip, I was just wondering around. I wasn’t really sure what to do, so I saw that there were lots of holes in the trees and ground. I made it like a game for only me to play. That made it more interesting.
            As the semester went on I had to start putting together an overall theme. It wasn’t until one Saturday morning when it was snowing and I was walking through the woods almost by myself. It reminded me of Lucy Pevensie, from the Chronicles of Narnia, walking into Narnia for the first time. She was so innocent and everything was so magical. I felt exactly like her, that scene would not get out of my head. And as I continued on my walk through the woods, other areas put images from films in my head. I was so excited when I got back from my trip that I went through and looked through my past images. I noticed an ongoing theme of my favorite topic, Disney.
            I found Disney in every turn from then on. Sometimes it was difficult to see because I was thinking too much but when I would sit down at my computer and let my roommates have a look, they would help me see what I saw.
            When I am lost, I like to relate my situations to things I am familiar to. I am very familiar to Disney. It has made a huge impact on my life and I quite enjoyed finding it in my travels through the woods.
            I really admire the magic found in the world of Disney and I believe that same magic can be found in the miracles of nature. I viewed my portfolio as an opportunity to showcase that magic.
            Disney has a major theme of nature. Nature can be found in all of the original animated features. Snow White has to abandon herself in the woods for sometime because the Queen was jealous. Edward discovers knowledge in the woods in the Sword in the Stone. Sleeping beauty discovers true love while living in the woods. Pocahontas taught the settlers that you couldn’t abuse nature but rather respect the world we live in.
            All of these ideas brought forth the images I found during my travels. I pictured all of my favorite films and tried my best to photograph natures beauty.
            This whole semester has been a wonderful experience that has taught me how to open my mind.

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