Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Abandoned Turnpike

Apocalypse - 4/21/12
Starry Sky - 4/21/12
Abandoned - 4/21/12

 - Abandoned Turnpike -

            The Abandoned Turnpike was the one trip I was most looking forward to this entire semester. It just sounded so different than all the other trips we took and it very much was different. It was just the adventure I was looking for. This idea of being the only surviving population just kept circulating in my brain.
            All along we had been traveling to a multitude of different mountainsides and forests. To me, every wooded area looked just like the other. It was hard to differentiate from trip to trip. That’s why the whole semester I just let the areas play through my head like my favorite films.
            Since this was our last trip and I had basically picked out all of my images for my final project, I had decided to just treat this trip as a reward for making it through the whole semester alive. I just walked around and explored without really taking a whole lot of images.
            It was a very strange sensation to walk through a pitch-black tunnel. It was a combination of being hot and cold at the same time. You could always see the end of the tunnel either way but for some reason it never looked like you were ever going to make it completely through. I am proud to say that I walked completely through said tunnel twice!
            The moment we left I knew I had to show my brother this location so maybe someday I could bring him there so he can experience it all himself.

All in all it was a GREAT semester! :)

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