Monday, February 6, 2012

Frankfort Mineral Springs

Watery Path - 1/31/12
Initial Tunnel - 1/31/12
Grandmother Willow - 1/31/12
 Eaten Away - 1/31/12
Motion Spring - 1/31/12
Mossy Pipe - 1/31/12
Tunnel Bridge - 1/31/12
Pin Hole - 1/31/12

- Frankfort Mineral Springs - 

On January 31st, after a long day of classes, we traveled to Frankfort Mineral Springs. It was a nice getaway from the typical city life we are all so used to.
Once arriving, we split off into our own little groups and went exploring to capture that “perfect image”. Everyone seemed to be heading to the left toward the springs but I, along with a couple others, headed to the right along a long, narrow trail following a stream of water. After walking a little while, we branched off to find our own unique images. I took your typical photo of the stream but wasn’t too impressed by it. I walked a little further and found myself upon this log that seemed to have a tunnel drilled all the way through it. I took one picture of it and surprisingly liked it. So, I found myself taking another and another until I got the composition and focus I liked.
Then I looked up the path and saw that there was another tree with a hole that I thought looked like Mother Willow from Pocahontas. I photographed it and enjoyed it. So, I decided at that point that I wanted to have a sort of scavenger hunt for holes in trees and limbs all over the pathway. I felt that by sticking with this theme helped me feel inspired by my surrounding in a different way than the others finding different photos to take. By making it a game, it was easier to find new subjects around each turn.
This trip was all in all a great get away on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon in January. Hard to believe it truly was January by the temperature. Hope the weather continues to be nice for our remaining trips but we all know Pittsburgh weather is as unpredictable as any other city or town.

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