Sunday, February 26, 2012

McConnell's Mill

 Waterfall - 2/18/12
 Snowy Stump - 2/18/12
 Mossy Stream - 2/18/12
 Dead Foliage - 2/18/12
Icy Puddle - 2/18/12 
 Secret - 2/18/12
Pebbles - 2/18/12 
Lone Waves - 2/18/12

 - McConnell's Mill - 
            Woke up early once again to a chilly February morning except this time it was just cold and not snowing. It was an early morning to travel just out of the city to McConnell’s Mill. At first glance, McConnell’s Mill looks to be just like every other wooded area, trees everywhere up a mountainside. Once you take the time to travel up, or down in this case, mountainside you may find beautiful treats. And we got to see just that, a beautiful treat from nature.
            We embarked down an icy pathway to a waterfall falling in to a stream. Except as beautiful as it was, it was also extremely dangerous because this normally calm area was flooding by not allowing us to cross to really see its true beauty.
            After making my way back up the icy pathway, I found myself in an open area for some time and I started noticing the tracks in the snow. Although I didn’t end up photographing any of these tracks they still made me wonder who or what had walked there earlier in the day or maybe even the day before. In all these endeavors I have yet to see a woodland creature, which might possibly be a good thing. I’m not sure how I would react to a bear or deer standing before me. But all of the tracks seemed to remind me of the Disney movie, Snow White. She was forced into the scary forest that she wasn’t used to and found herself facing the things that make up the mysterious tracks in the forest. Even though I know that was an animated film and extremely fictional, it gave me a sort of guideline to go by. I was also forced into these unknown woods but I took that to be my advantage and tried to notice the little things around me that would normally just be walked by without a second glace.
            I noticed and photographed to the best of my abilities. Enjoy!

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